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Where the power of the elements shapes us

The white and untouched places awaken a strong emotional journey in Florian’s heart
resulting in a polar obsession. These emotions are what he uses to create images and inspire people to take action in their life, for change, and to care about our Planet.
In 2021 and 2022 Florian spent more than six months roaming the sea ice of the Svalbard Archipelago living close to the polar bears, and documenting unique scenes and landscapes.
The series below reveal some scenes of extraordinary adventures in the making of breathtaking images.
With temperatures sometimes far below 35° Celsius, the sea ice conditions always changing and the polar storms sweeping the remote archipelago, each image become a challenge to create, it is a permanent battle out there.

The Arctic is more than a passion in Florian's heart.
It's a commitment in its own right, a lifestyle choice that has become a polar obsession.
« The sea without ice sounds to my ears like music devoid of melody ».

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