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Where magic meets unique and becomes real

​There is no better feeling than standing there in front of a polar bear, witnessing their incredible behaviours and powers. They are the masters of adaptation and survival. The series below highlights unique, unprecedented photographs of winter polar bears roaming the vast and wild icescapes, an otherworldly, never-before-seen setting.
This is the story of survival in one of the world's harshest environments, far beyond our own Arctic realm imagination. Florian spent a few months living close to the bears, on the fast ice of Svalbard, observing them for hours and hours every day, being able to document courtship displays, nursing, hunting and more.

The Arctic is more than a passion in Florian's heart.
It's a commitment in its own right, a lifestyle choice that has become a polar obsession.
« The sea without ice sounds to my ears like music devoid of melody ».

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