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  • Grand Prize Nature TTL Photographer of the year 2020
  • Gold medal Fine Arts Louvre Carrousel 2019
  • 1st Prize Aerial Photography (video) HIPA 2019 Dubai
  • Drone Photographer of the Year 2018 SIPA
  • Grand Prize Drone photography 2017
  • 1st Prize Wildlife The Nature Conservancy 2018
  • 1st Prize Drone Video Animals 2018
  • 1st Prize Landscape Arctic Biodiversity 2018
  • 3rd Prize Wildlife Arctic Biodiversity 2018
  • 3rd prize Drone Photography 2017
  • Highly Honored Nature's Best Photography 2018

"There are images that might impress you with their technical mastery, and then there are images that make you feel something. This photograph floored me. It is especially poignant given the climate crisis our world is facing right now."

Jarrad Seng, filmmaker, and Jury Skypixel/DJI


Known for his intimate and aesthetically dramatic compositions, Ledoux's distinctive fine art photography is born out of his passion for the preservation of nature, specifically of the Arctic. His camera lenses are the portals through which he communicates with the world. “My biggest motivation for creating has always been nature, to be able to bring it to the centre of our lives and give those who cannot speak a voice,” he said. Throughout his childhood, he found inspiration through the work of many great photographers such as Paul Nicklen, Sebastiao Salgado, Ami Vitale, and Vincent Munier.

As a self-taught, he developed his passion until it became strong enough to become a photo reporter in the french military navy. In parallel, he started his own project in Greenland. There is no doubt that the beauty of nature, the search for isolated and wild places took him there.

Florian’s artworks celebrate the beauty of the frozen continents, its incredible wildlife inhabiting the ice edge, powerful but yet so fragile, and the enormous importance they bear for the survival of our entire planet and all living species, by continually producing exceptional immersive visuals that draw the viewer into his sustainable development journey.


He is a curious, engaged, and caring individual who has committed his personal and professional life to sustainable environmental protection. Florian’s work is inspiring and motivating and presents an intimacy that showcases a deep relationship with the Polar regions. Each of his photographs tells a story of the fragility of life on this planet.


the fragile Poles


A large part of his work is based on aerial images, thus, he aspires to bring a new perspective on the fauna we already know through traditional photography.

He is convinced that these images provide us with a new approach to observe and document wildlife behaviour from a fresh angle, revealing animals in their entirety and in the context of a larger habitat and landscape in a way that has never been possible in the past.


"Photographing and immersed in the unique remote polar regions, are the moments when everything makes sense to me. In these moments the urge to create an image with a strong message that I will remember for the rest of my life comes naturally to me. The emotions that those places awake in me is what I use to inspire people to take action in their life, for change, and to care about our planet" Ledoux's said.

"Those moments are invaluable to me, something is happening within me.  It’s what I live for. When I photograph, I’m somewhere else. This is, I guess, what constitutes as passion, my passion to serve the conservation of the Arctic Wildlife". ​

Visually breathtakingly, landscapes can stir us into falling in love with the depicted scenes and environments, but Ledoux proves that Nature seen from above, by way of drone technology, arouses us to feel their beauty and fragility even more viscerally.


That wider perspective gives us context that is both powerful and deeply emotional, awakening in us a sense of connectedness with the Earth and with one another.

He has a strong belief that photography is a powerful tool able to create meaningful images that inspire emotionally as well as to create a logical connection to an issue, and in that way enhancing our human understanding of the challenges we are facing together.


Because it is critically imperative to mobilize as many people as possible in order to accelerate the development of solutions to the world's most urgent challenges, Florian Ledoux's initiative not only shines a light on the realities we face, but through its striking beauty is bound to attract ever more sectors of civil society, with governments and businesses to follow, and inspire them to collectively support international cooperation in transforming our world. His imagery is a profound nonpartisan and global call to action, as it requires no translation and goes directly to the soul and heart.

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